Saturday, February 1, 2020

Human Resource Management 2 (MASTER) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Human Resource Management 2 (MASTER) - Essay Example There are some who argue against peternity leave as being a valid HR benefit, however despite these criticisms, there is enough evidence available which illustrates that peternity benefits could be used to reduce turnover and satisfy employees’ needs both psychological and sociological. This report offers considerably more advantages to peternity leave policy implementation than disadvantages. Reward employees for accomplishing organisational objectives, as part of a performance management package, by offering additional peternity leave days-off in the event of future issues with qualifying pets. type of leave in an effort to improve retention and also enhance the public reputation of the company while also satisfying a variety of stakeholder interests. This has made peternity leave a potential topic of interest for improving the business’ human resources policies regarding employee benefits. The purpose of this report is to identify the viability of establishing a similar peternity leave policy at the company in an effort to enhance business reputation and employee retention. The impact of establishing such a new benefits policy on total organisational performance is the main focus of this report. The report consulted with a wide variety of case studies and secondary literature in the domain of human resources management and psychology to uncover whether establishing a new peternity policy would be of long-term value to the company. Virgin Mobile Australia has established its own version of peternity leave to include specific criteria for being able to take advantage of this policy. First, it is only available to employees when they are introducing a new puppy or kitten to the family household and the pet must not be older than 10 weeks (Moran, 2009). Additionally, this leave does not apply to rats, fish or other pets such as snakes and iguanas (Moran). It is apparent that Virgin Mobile Australia recognises the

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