Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Norse god Loki is well known for his trickery and...

The Norse god Loki is well known for his trickery and deceit in modern culture. He had a quick wit, a twisted sense of humor, and an appetite from devilry. In actuality he wasn’t born a god at all. Loki was the son of the giant Farbauti and giantess Laufey (â€Å"Loki: the Father of Lies and Deceit†). He snuck his way into becoming a god and was considered one of the Aesir. Even so he was a sort of â€Å"anti-hero† to the gods because of his mischievous ways (Allen, Saunders, â€Å"LOKI†). Loki had multiple partners. His first was the giantess Angrboda who bore him three monstrous children. (â€Å"Loki†) Jormungand was a serpent so large that he circled the earth. Fenrir was a giant wolf, and Hel with her fitting name became the goddess of the underworld.†¦show more content†¦The giant was smart though and brought his trusty steed, Svadilfari, to help him hull the boulders to the construction site (Allen, Saunders, â€Å"LOKI†). Freya became anxious and Odin even threatened to put Loki to death if they were caught in the unpleasant deal. In an attempt to save his hide Loki took the form of a pretty mare and lured Svadilfari away from his work. Loki kept the horse away until the time had passed for the work to be finished (Lindeman). In his mare form Loki became pregnant and gave birth to an eight-legged foal which was named Sleipnir. Loki presented him as a gift to Odin and regained good favor with the kind of the gods and his son, Thor (Allen, S aunders, â€Å"LOKI†). As time went on the trickster god became less playful and more evil in his ways. The humor that he was full of before became a sadistic need to create chaos in Asgard. One such incident involved Thor’s wife, Sif. She was the goddess of harvest, known for her beautiful golden hair. One night Loki thought it would be funny to sneak into Sif’s room while she slept and lop off her gorgeous hair. When Thor found out what he had done the god of thunder became irate. He hunted Loki down and threatened to destroy him for his offense. The trickster pleaded with Thor and promised to replace Sif’s hair with real gold, as well and bring other trinkets for the Aesir. He was released and set out on his journey to

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